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The e-Journal of Neonatology Research is an entirely online, open source publication with several new formats for the publication of neonatal research.

ISSN 2160-6072

PubMed: Our PubMed application has been submitted. It is typical for a new periodical to be required to have several issues published before its application is brought to the committee for consideration.

Copyright: All materials published in the e-Journal of Neonatology Research revert to the authors immediately upon publication. The e-Journal reserves the right to make grammatically appropriate typo and editorial corrections post publication.

Original research publications: Such research will be published and a one month period of moderated comments will follow (with the key criteria for comment acceptance being relevance and civility). It is our hope that this platform will provide improved insight into methodologies, interpretation and future studies. In addition, this e-Journal will also serve as a platform for letters to the editor about topics specific to the practice of neonatology. We want to be the site where the important issues in neonatology get discussed and debated. If more than one letter is received on the same topic, we may ask the authors to write a consensus letter. Letters will also be open to a one month comment period.

Top 10 features: Each edition of the e-Journal will also include a review of the Editors’ Choice for the Top 10 Neonatal Studies published over that quarter (a top end review of the literature).  We will also publish the top 10 posters submitted to us per publication cycle. This is a novel publication format and we think it may prove attractive to labs working on pilot or tangential projects that are not going to be pushed for traditional publication but have been of sufficient quality to be presented at national meetings.

What the e-Journal of Neonatology Research will not publish: Case studies, case series, and poorly written submissions will not be accepted. We will not publish letters from formal organizations. The e-Journal will also not publish historical papers, but would consider the original synthesis of an important historical moment in neonatology as are often presented at PAS in poster format.

Affiliations: At this time, the e-Journal is a non-affiliated, non-commercial, volunteer enterprise with an all volunteer staff consisting of academic neonatologists. If you want to volunteer, please e-mail the editor-in-chief at In the future, the e-Journal of Neonatology Research will likely become an LLC to facilitate the sale and taxation of ad space as a means to maintain the e-journal.

To begin all submissions: Once you are ready to submit, authors should copy the  Author Full Disclosure Form into a new blank email (control-A, control-V), and fill out this form as appropriate. The cover letter and submission will then be sent via e-mail as an attachment.

Submission of a manuscript: Authors wishing to submit their original clinical, psychosocial, basic or archival research pertaining to neonatology should draft a short cover letter stating the merits of their research. The manuscript should be prepared using 12 point font, with figures embedded in the results. There is no requirement for a specific reference format, but they must be internally consistent. Attach the cover letter and manuscript file to an email entitled “manuscript submission” and send it to

If you have a manuscript that you strongly believe in, but it has been repeatedly rejected, send us the previous reviews with a civil rebuttal (include appropriate changes in the final version of the manuscript you send to us). We will use that in making our decision. The cover letter should also include the name and email address of at least three appropriate individuals for solicited comments (whom we will contact if we accept the manuscript). We will also consider the republishing of published data in combination with new data (resulting in the publication of composite manuscripts) and the publication of old data from several publications in the format of a mini-review.  Please send an inquiry email about composite manuscripts and mini-reviews for our potential interest in the topic prior to submission to

Submission of a Letter to the Editor: Letters will be dutifully considered so long as it is civil, accurate in its facts and wording, appropriate in tone, constructive in nature and less than 1200 words. Unlike other journals, we welcome letters related to manuscripts not published in our e-Journal (and will link to those sites if possible) as well as those about politically sensitive topics, policy, and corporate or organizational entities who may be misbehaving. Letters to the editor should be attached to submission e-mails entitled “letter submission”.

Submission of a poster: Posters presented at national or regional meetings may be submitted after presentation for consideration of publication in the e-Journal of Neonatology Research’s latest volume’s top submission’s poster section. Submissions should be as a jpeg file of the entire poster, as printed for the presentation and should be submitted in conjunction with a cover letter file attached to the submission email entitled “poster submission”. Please also include meeting name and date that it was originally presented. Original data may also be presented in poster format, particularly if the topic is short and be well served by this format. Case presentations and case series may be considered in poster format but must be unique or of exceptional interest. Posters will ultimately be accepted or rejected based on the editorial staff’s believe that the poster will be of interest to the readers. Posters will not receive PII designations and when the journal becomes Pubmed affiliated, will not be submitted to Pubmed.

Ad Space: The editorial staff is committed to establishing a successful journal model of open access and free distribution for the entire life of the journal. For this reason, the e-journal was started with no paid ad space (i.e. the publication of this periodical is not dependent upon how many ads we sell). Ultimately, our business plan includes the sale of ad space as a means to pay basic business expenses. Ad space can be bought in two forms, pictorial ads ($400 per issue run), and pictorial ads linked to approved online websites ($500 per issue run). Advertisers interested in buying ad space should send an inquirey to The editorial staff has limited capacity to help create pictorial ads (charges by the hour).

About our Twitter Feed and Facebook connections

We will use twitter to inform you of new publications, neonatal news, comments of note, etc. Our editor-in-chief will track current events relevant to neonatology in the news on Facebook.

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March 2nd, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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