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We Are Two Years Old

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This issue makes our 8th edition of the e-Journal of Neonatology Research. We have come a long way from our initial issue but also realize that we still have some hurdles to overcome.

Our initial thoughts when founding this journal was to provide a repository for those ideas and manuscripts that just did not reach the required priority score in the few neonatology print journals available. We all know of several scientifically-sound studies that either have not been submitted due to small numbers or have been rejected multiple times and the authors have simply given up.  We want to provide a free, open-access site where those studies can see the light of day.  Maybe by themselves those studies will not change clinical practice, but they may very well spark an idea across the country (or the world) for larger studies or even collaboration. One of the papers in this quarter’s issue could be just that. Kitsommart et al provide us with a small pilot study on different levels of nasal CPAP upon extubation in infants between 500 – 1250 grams. This is the first such prospective study comparing levels of CPAP and provides a great starting point for a larger trial.

We also want to provide a place for other scientific work. Every hospital in the country is certainly working on improving the quality of care delivered and on patient safety. Whether from a mandate from the Executive Suite or (hopefully) on your own accord, every NICU is doing the same. For those of you that have improved the quality of care in your unit, the e-Journal of Neonatology Research is a way of disseminating that information. Maybe your process will help another NICU across the country combat a similar problem. In that vein, we invite you to take our “What do Neos Think” survey on quality improvement this issue. Follow the link and give us your thoughts on patient safety and quality improvement in your unit and in neonatology in general.

Finally, we want to thank you for helping us reach this milestone. We are making an impact, slowly but surely. In our paper this issue, we show that in a representative recent issue, we had over 5000 unique visits to our table of contents. Thousands of you downloaded a paper. Even though we are not (yet) sourced on PubMed, publishing your data with us does reach a broad audience.


Jonathan R. Swanson, Senior Editor – Physician Section

Phillip V. Gordon, Editor-in-Chief

Susan Orlando, Senior Editor – NNP Section

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February 16th, 2013 at 8:47 pm

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