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NNP Section, Volume 2, Issue 1 Winter 2012

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Editor’s Introduction

Welcome to a New Year of the NNP Section! 


What do Neonatologists and NNPs think… about the Research Works Act? 

Only two questions (about congress legislating science publishing profits).

Letter to Your Congressman Template


Letter for Refusing Manuscript Review Template


Original Manuscripts – Reviews and Research

NNP opinion survey on 24 hour shifts

Susan Orlando


Prenatal Diagnosis of Isolated Ductus Arteriosus Aneurysms with Spontaneous Neonatal Closure: Case Series with Systematic Review of the Literature and Video-Echocardiography Demonstration

Song-Gui Yung

[PDF] (Please use HTML version to see full video clip)

Challenges, Guidelines and Systematic Review of Salivary Cortisol Research in Preterm Infants

Anita J Mitchell, Jason Chang, Charlotte Yates, and Richard W. Hall


Is Lymphocytosis an Adjunct Predictor of NEC Mortality in Low Gestation Infants?

Phillip Gordon, Shelly Thibeau, Carsten Pennier, Harley Ginsberg, Victor Lunyong, Mathew Cortez, Vincent Adolph, and Robert Christensen


Lymphocytosis at Necrotizing Enterocolitis Presentation is Associated with Higher Mortality, Increased Feeding Volumes and More Formula Exposure  in an 11 year,  Single Center, Retrospective Study

Amy B. Hair, Jonathan R. Swanson, and Joshua T. Attridge


Neonatal Links and News

 9th National Advanced Practice Neonatal Nurses Conference

15th Annual Neonatal Nursing Advanced Practice Forum

12th Annuanl Neonatal Pharmacology Conference

Special Section – Understanding the Research Works Act

NIH-funded Research to be sold out by  “Research Works” Act (part I)

NIH-funded Research to be sold out by  “Research Works” Act (part II)

NIH-funded Research to be sold out by “Research Works” Act (part III)


There were no rejected manuscript(s), posters or letter(s) for this issue (we will NOT publish specific information about individual rejections).

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