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Editor-in-Chief: Phillip Gordon

Phillip Gordon, MD PhD, received his undergraduate degree at NC State University, his PhD at Florida State University, and his MD at the University of Florida. His dissertation was on high-energy phosphate metabolics in intestinal cells and his research career has focused on gastrointestinal diseases of the neonate. Dr Gordon and his associates (including Dr Swanson below) rigorously defined spontaneous intestinal perfortions through clinical and laboratory investigation and is generally credited with having demonstrated it as a unique disease entity, distinct from necrotizing enterocolitis. He was formerly the Section Chief of Neonatology for two separate medical centers and  is currently the Assistant Director of Research at Pediatrix and is a clinical neonatologist at Sacred Heart Women & Children’s Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. In addition to his duties at this journal, Dr Gordon serves as the associate editor of the J0urnal of Perinatology, and is a member of numerous national organizations including the Society of Pediatric Research and the Perinatal Research Society (where he is currently a Council Member). Dr Gordon’s current research interest is the investigation of NEC reductionism in large clinical databases (to look for evidence of disparate orgins of distinctly different types of NEC disease – with the thought being that NEC is a final common pathway that arises from separate orgins). Dr Gordon has a wife, three children, two white shepherds, and a nice quiet fishing camp that he escapes to on weekends when he’s not on call.

Physician Section Editor and Type Editor: Jonathan Swanson

Jonathan Swanson, MD received his undergraduate degree at Pepperdine University, medical degree from the University of Rochester and did his pediatrics   residency and neonatology fellowship at the University of Virginia. After spending several years in private practice, he returned to academia and is an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia. His clinical interests include quality improvement (he recently completed a master’s degree in healthcare quality) and gastrointestinal diseases of the neonate. Personally, Dr. Swanson is married and has three very active kids and enjoys hiking, photography and watching the New York Mets (usually lose). He can be reached at



Editorial Board: (specific areas of expertise for which they were invited to join the board)

Bree Andrews (neonatal follow up, neurodevelopmental outcomes), Illinois

Reese Clark (stastics, clinical study design, clinical informatics), South Carolina

Dale Gerstmann (information technology, clinical informatics), Utah

William Meadow (ethics, perinatal epidemiology), Illinois

Keith Peevy (neonatal legal issues and ethics), Alabama

De-Ann Pillers (genetics, molecular biology and neurosensory physiology), Wisconsin

Rita Ryan (biology of chronic lung disease, quality improvement), South Carolina

Jeffrey Segar (hemodynamics, pressor physiology, basic science), Iowa

Siva Subramanian (neonatal nutrition, ethics, infectious disease), District of Columbia

Paul Winchester (teratology, maternal & environmental toxicology), Indiana

Written by Dr Phillip Gordon

March 18th, 2011 at 1:29 am

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  1. Dear Phil-

    I wish you the best with this effort. A solid online journal dedicated to neonatology research has been long overdue, and I am delighted to see you take on this challenge. With Reese as a Board member, you do not need any additional Pediatrix help, but if there is anything that I can personally do to assist you, please let me know.

    Good luck!

    Alan Spitzer

    Alan Spitzer

    25 Apr 11 at 3:37 pm

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