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Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2012

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We Are Fired up! (about video manuscripts and the Research Works Act)


What do Neonatologists and NNPs think… about the Research Works Act? Only two questions (about congress legislating science publishing profits).

Letter to Your Congressman Template


Letter for Refusing Manuscript Review Template



Plasma Prostaglandin E2 and Mesenteric Doppler Flow Measurements After oral and Intravenous Ibuprofen Treatment of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Preterm Infants: A Pilot Study with Double-blind Randomized Controlled Methodololgy

Véronique G Dorval, Brigitte-Zoé Martin, Myriam Brassar, Sylvain Chemtob, and Antoine Payot


Spontaneous Rhythmic Contractions (Vasomotion) of the Isolated, Pressurized Ductus Arteriosus of Preterm, but Not Term, Fetal Mice

Megan Vucovich, Noah Ehinger, Stanley D. Poole, Fred S. Lamb, and Jeff Reese

[PDF] (Please use HTML version to see embedded video figures)

Prenatal Diagnosis of Isolated Ductus Arteriosus Aneurysms with Spontaneous Neonatal Closure: Case Series with Systematic Review of the Literature and Video-Echocardiography Demonstration

Song-Gui Yung

[PDF] (Please use HTML version to see embedded video figures)

Is Lymphocytosis an Adjunct Predictor of NEC Mortality in Low Gestation Infants?

Phillip Gordon, Shelly Thibeau, Carsten Pennier, Harley Ginsberg, Victor Lunyong, Mathew Cortez, Vincent Adolph, and Robert Christensen


Lymphocytosis at Necrotizing Enterocolitis Presentation is Associated with Higher Mortality, Increased Feeding Volumes and More Formula Exposure  in an 11 year,  Single Center, Retrospective Study

Amy B. Hair, Jonathan R. Swanson, and Joshua T. Attridge


Challenges, guidelines and systematic review of salivary cortisol research in preterm infants

Anita J Mitchell, Jason Chang, Charlotte Yates, and Richard W. Hall


NNP Opinion Survey on 24 Hour Shifts

Susan Orlando



In Memorium for Mary Ellen Avery


The Dr Bill Gill Naming Ceremony at Tulane-Lakeside NICU



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Neonatology Journal Club:

Gastroschisis – Assessing the Trends in Neurodevelopment and Quality of Life Over Time (with a short lesson about access obstructionism)

* Please note this journal club is also an exercise in testing manuscript availability, cost and timeliness at your institution. This is a limited scenario. An author might face many times this magnitude of difficulty when trying to write a manuscript on such a topic. Please imagine the frustration and cost associated with obtaining topic specific PDFs for nearly every manuscript or grant that a graduate student or career scientist must write in the course of pursuing their research. The open access movement would erase this frustration, whereas the Research Works act would entrench it, potentially forever. Moreover, it is a specific form of government-sanctioned obstructionism, just  for American funded science. How can we compete globally in such an envirnoment? We urge you to write your congressmen and senators and sign the white house petition over this issue without delay (we’ve made it easy, just click to find their email address).

1. Gorra AS, Needelman H, Azarow KS, Roberts HJ, Jackson BJ, Cusick RA. Long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes in children born with gastroschisis: the tiebreaker. J Pediatr Surg 2012; 47(1):125-9.

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NIH-Funded Research Goes Unpublished

One of the many reasons why eJNR was founded

NIH-funded Research to be sold out by  “Research Works” Act (part I)

NIH-funded Research to be sold out by  “Research Works” Act (part II)

NIH-funded Research to be sold out by “Research Works” Act (part III)

Academic Publishing lobbies Congress to censure Open Access

Twin Births On the Rise

One out of every 30 babies is a twin

Oklahoma Insurance Market Excludes Infants < 1 year

Watch what happens in your state

(Update: A new bill hopes to correct this issue)


There were two rejected manuscripts and zero rejected commentaries for this volume (we will NOT publish specific information about individual rejections).

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